Creamy came back, and Gerald came back too

I think Creamy did not come for food on New Year’s day, but he came back yesterday and clearly, he was so glad to be back. He kept mewing as though telling me why he had not come the day before!

Hi Creamy!! Long time no see! (The “Long time” here only refers to one day…haha.)

He ate a lot of raw food. He must have missed the raw food. I do wonder, though, if his parents/owners went for a short holiday and confined him at home? Well, we will never know.

You two lucky cats are free to roam and well, be cats!

Then this morning, Gerald was not in the porch to wait for food. Only Misty was. And Misty was very worried. She refused to eat. She always refuses to eat if Gerald isn’t here. Luckily it doesn’t happen often.

Where was Gerald?

I called for him but he did not come.

Later on in the morning, when my husband went out to the porch to do his taiji, he told me that Misty was going around all over to look for Gerald. Finally, Gerald came from the roof and started calling me at the door.

Gerald is back!! Yay!

Gerald has this knack of knowing if I had brought out a can of canned food. If he wants it, he “tells” my by not starting to eat the raw food first. This means he wants some canned food as toppings.

Smart boy!

Sometimes, he will eat the raw food straight away without waiting for toppings. This means he doesn’t want canned food for that day.

Yes, ada protocol to follow.

As for Misty, she will eat whatever Gerald eats. She’s not fussy even though she is the Maharani of the porch!






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