The Cow Bite wound story (after 7 days)

At 8pm tonight, it would have been exactly 7 days since the night Cow Mau bit me last week.

I’ve been going daily for dressing.

As it turns out, I’m sensitive to the normal bandage as well as the waterproof bandage, so it’s just a plaster now. There was still some slough today but otherwise, the doctor is finally pleased that it is healing.

He extended my antibiotics by another two days to make it to a week.

Again, as a gentle reminder to myself, if I ever get a cat bite again:

  1. Get medical attention within the first hour of the injury.
  2. Make sure my tetanus shot is up to date (one shot lasts 10 years). Antibiotics is probably needed. Cavumox is a good one for cat bites.
  3. Use common sense to assess if the doctor’s treatment makes sense!







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