The day after the stem cell therapy

Indy, Ginger and Tabs went for the stem cell therapy yesterday. The vet said it is normal for them to feel tired and sleep a lot for the next few days.

Well, Indy was still busy scolding the Monsters at 3am this morning and woke everyone up. He did not seem to be slowing down at all!

This morning, he was as normal as ever too. He ate well.

Normal is always good!

Tabs was also her normal self today. She’s already a sedentary cat, so we won’t be seeing much difference in her!

Tabs ate my homemade soupy food! I noticed they all like to lick up the soup and leave the meat. That’s good – as the purpose is to make them drink more liquids.

No difference in Ginger as well.

Minnie is always with him. They are the best of friends. The Monsters love their Uncle Ginger too!

Ginger drinking the soupy homemade food! The Monsters aren’t crazy about it, but eventually, it’s still sapu habis!

Semua habis!





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