Another option to donate via our all-new payment gateway!

We have created another option for you to donate to us using a payment gateway!

You will be able to see two buttons on the right sidebar now.

This payment gateway enables donations by credit card, bank transfers, e-wallets and you can also opt for signing up for recurring donations on a monthly basis.

As with all payment gateways, there are charges which will be absorbed by us (not the donor!). But HitPay does not charge any start-up fee or annual maintenance fees, so that’s a huge savings for us.

HitPay charges are as follows, per transaction:

But for local donors, you are highly encouraged to donate via any e-wallet into our Touch ‘n Go account because for this, 100% of your donations will come to us. Touch ‘n Go does not deduct any commission at all.

Just scan the QR code and there you are!







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