Indy still on top of the world, with Tabs and Ginger

It has been five days since Indy, Tabs and Ginger went for their stem cell therapy.

The expected immediate side effect was to feel tired and sleep a lot for a few days, but that did not happen!

All three of them behaved normally and were their usual selves. Their appetites were normal too. So I guess that’s all good.

Indy still goes to his top of the world platform very often. He does, however, come down for subcut sessions and will even wait at the subcut station. But he won’t come down for his medicines.

Indy: “I know I only need the subcut, I don’t need all your medicines because I am healing myself using TCM (Traditional Cat Medicine) which is far more superior and natural than your lab-made medicines! Don’t you think a cat knows better about what’s good for cats?”

He knows he needs the subcut.

Not only does he wait for his turn, he also stays back after his turn to give moral support to Tabs.

Indy has always drunk a lot of water all his life, from the time he was young. At yet, when kidneys age and fail, they still fail.

Tabs’ turn.

Tabs likes to sit with me whenever I’m at the computer.

Ginger is also is usual self. In fact, he has been going up to the highest platform at the lookout too.

Ginger: This is my “duhh” face…








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