Jayden is learning the ropes

The first thing Jayden does when he arrives every morning, is to greet and play with Gerald and Misty.

He really loves Gerald! Misty doesn’t allow herself to be patted, and Jayden respects this. He would just say “hi’ to Misty.

Yesterday, Jayden was caught trying to write a blogpost…

Jayden is a super observant child. He likes to mimic exactly what I do at the computer. He will move the mouse, pretend to type, use the pen to write something and even use the magnifying glass to read small print!!

Hmm…I think when Jayden is old enough to type, I will make him an honorary member of the AnimalCare TagTeam and let him write blogposts!! That’ll be fun, wouldn’t it, seeing things from the eyes of a child! Can’t wait!!






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