Panna can “walk”!! (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

Take a look, folks!!

Panna with his saviour, Szetoo, who refused to let him be euthanised.

Szetoo is so excited that Panna can “walk” now! We are now discussing whether Panna should wear diapers or maybe we can sew some pants for him to wear to prevent sores from the friction against the floor.

Panna’s tail was shaven during the surgery and that’s the surgical site.

Szetoo says Panna’s fighting spirit is amazing! He says they almost gave up on him, but am glad they did not. Thank you so much for not giving up on Panna, Szetoo, and thank you to all donors who have given generously to make this possible – a new lease on life for Panna. It’s simply not time for him to go yet….hopefully, not for many more happy and healthy years!

Now, moving on….if you have suggestions on any kind of diaper-pants that might help prevent sores from developing, please do share.  We need ideas!

A pair of wheels is also an option, of course.

I told Szetoo that black-and-white cats are particularly resilient and super tahan lasak!  I have living proof – Cow Mau and Indy!! They are armoured trucks! One with geriatric congestive heart failure at 17 years 8 months and moving around like a tank, and one with Stage 3-4 kidney disease at 15 years 8 months, but still behaving like he’s 5 years old!

Hooray to black-and-white cats!!




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