Indy, that’s Riley!

There was an incident of a mistaken identity today!

I had let the Monsters cross over to Bunny’s Place to eat grass and explore when Indy decided they weren’t welcome.

So, Indy was starting to be antagonistic to them when husband went to intervene and called the Monsters back to the catio.

One by one, they came running back, but Indy was standing in the way and as each one passed by, Indy postured and intimidated them.

Then, poor little Riley was just minding her own business somewhere nearby when Indy suddenly started growling and turning on her, postured (all fluffed up) and attacked her!

Husband saw it happening and quickly called me in.

I rushed in to find poor Riley running for her life, still being pursued by Indy (all fluffed up).

I just managed to open the door in the nick of time to let Riley rush out to the Safehouse…phew!

Photo taken right after Riley slipped out in the nick of time!

Did Indy mistake Riley for one of the Monsters because of the similarity of her markings with Rey and Robin? I thought animals use their sense of smell and not sight to identify friend and foe?

But then again, it’s Indy, right?

Ever since his stem cell therapy, Indy has been scolding the Monsters a lot! Is that a good sign? I hope so!






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