Medical aid for 1 cat in Subang Jaya (double amputation – Panna) (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

This aid was done as a special fundraising for Panna, a cat rescued by Szetoo Yu Ming, with gangrene on both back legs.

Panna is a neutered alley cat fed by Szetoo and his wife. He was neutered about 2-3 years ago by Szetoo’s daughter. Szetoo and his wife travel interstate quite a bit to look after their respective aged parents. On his recent trip back from Kedah, Szetoo discovered that Panna had severe injuries on both his back legs.

Szetoo took Panna for an evaluation at a local vet and was given two options: Euthanasia or amputation of both legs. Both legs had already turned gangrenous. Szetoo thought Panna didn’t have much longer to live, so he took Panna home to make him comfortable and nurse him for his remaining days. But Panna was still full of life, especially in his eyes.

Szetoo then took Panna to the government vet in Shah Alam for the amputation but discovered they only do licensing there. That was when Szetoo called me and I arranged for Panna to see my personal regular vet in Petaling Jaya.

Szetoo did not have the heart to have Panna euthanised because he still had so much life in time and his eyes were still so bright.

Thus began the whole treatment and surgery for Panna at my regular vet in PJ.

Our vet evaluated the case and recommended a double amputation of both the back legs in order to save Panna’s life. The gangrene was bad and had spread, so this was the best option. Szetoo agreed and paid a deposit of RM2000 to get the treatment started. We promised to fundraise for Panna because Szetoo is our auditor who has done our yearly auditing free-of-charge (along with our other auditor) for 14 years now and counting. It is the least we can do, out of gratitude.

Panna was immediately put on drips with IV-antibiotics, painkillers and other medications.

The double amputation was done the very next day as soon as Panna had stabilised.

Then, the recovery process began.

Overall, as you would have read in our daily posts, Panna healed day by day. He began to eat on his own, even started “walking” on his own. He urinated, defecated and the only problem yesterday was that he had diarrhoea.

Today, Panna was discharged and he is home now!

Szetoo says they prepared a box and Panna immediately walked/crawled into it and settled in. Very quickly too!!

Cats are so resilient and will adapt. The important thing now is to ensure there is no friction on the wound when Panna walks/crawls/runs so that it can healed well. Diapers would be good.

Our next purchase for Panna (using the balance of the funds) will be cat canned food and a big bag of pet liners.

We wish to reiterate that a special fundraising was done for Panna because of our long-standing gratitude to Szetoo as our auditor who had offered his services free-of-charge to us.

Our fundraising stands as follows:

Lim Kean Joo 300 TnG
Ong Khing Wee 200 bank
Wong Chin Kuan 50 bank
Toffee Moffee Gal 200 TnG
Joy Saga 150 bank
Judy Chua 100 bank
Tong Yut Fun 150 bank
Agnes Cheong 100 TnG
Indy, Tabs & Ginger 200 bank
Koh Seow Pen 200 TnG
Tan Sze Yin 200 TnG
Suhaila Marican 100 TnG
Loke Phaik Huah 300 bank
Chew Jin Toh 200 bank
Coco, CC, EB, TY, Woo & MC 100 bank
Chim Siew Choon 200 TnG
Anoymous 200 TnG
Khoo Ming-Yi 50 bank
Julia Chong Chui Lin 100 TnG
From the estate of Sumitra Siew 300 bank
Kon Chee Min 200 TnG
Lee Pek Jong 50 TnG
Tony Tan 50 bank
Anonymous 100 bank
Pang Eng Eng 200 TnG
Total 4000

The total donations collected from individual donors is RM4000.

The bill from the vet today upon discharge is RM4695.10. Szetoo had already paid a deposit of RM2000.

We have now paid the balance of RM2695.10 to the clinic directly.

The initial plan was to give the balance to Szetoo since all these donations were gifted to Panna, but Szetoo says he and his wife has already paid the RM2000 deposit and they do not need to be reimbursed for that. As for the remaining balance, Szetoo says:

I think you hold on to the donations for the moment and pay for the follow ups and others, when needed. I hope you don’t mind. Any balance, please use it for AnimalCare’s aid to other animals.

Date Donations Expenses Details
13-Jan-24 4000
14-Jan-24 2695.10 Balance of vet bill of RM4695.10
Total 4000 2695.10
Balance 1304.90

This is a message of thanks from Szetoo to everyone who has helped:

Panna is home and we are so happy to see him back to familiar surroundings. We wish to thank all donors for their generous donations in saving Panna and giving him a second chance to live on. There will be challenges in the days ahead but hopefully Panna will overcome them all and go on to live happily. We also wish that all donors be blessed with good health and happiness always. And lastly to Sis Kah Yein for all her kind assistance and guidance. Thank you. 

We also would like to thank all our friends who had so generously donated towards Panna’s special fundraising. We hope you are rejoicing with us that a little life has been saved and given a new lease on life!

Thank you so much, everyone!







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