Medical aid for 1 dog in Mentakab (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

We have provided RM62 as a preliminary aid for this dog, Xiao Hong Gou’s, TVT treatment.

Due to all the confusion surrounding XHG and Ms Chai’s application for our aid, XHG had already been sent down to the Subang Vet to be spayed (done on 11th January 2024) and supposedly to commence TVT treatment on Tuesday (16th January 2024). But because XHG refused to eat, Ms Chai decided to take her back home to Mentakab first to get her back to good health. The TVT treatments will probably be done at the local vet’s clinic in Mentakab. No boarding would be required because Ms Chai has finally found a space to house XHG in Mentakab (please see below).

So far, XHG has been spayed and vaccinated, given a Frontline treatment (RM37) and boarded for 4 days. The vet’s neutering package includes a 3-day stay so there is a RM25 charge for the additional day’s boarding. There is also an initial consultation fee which Ms Chai will cover herself.

Hence, we have provided an aid of RM62 for the Frontline treatment and one day’s boarding.

Below are some photos:

Rescue videos:

Transported down to Subang, at the vet’s.

Using voicemail from Ms Chai to coax XHG to eat. But she still refused.

XHG finally reaches home sweet home back in Mentakab today.

Eating like she hasn’t eaten for days! Well, literally, it’s true. She has not eaten since she arrived at the vet’s in Subang. That’s since the 10th.

XHG is currently staying in a friend’s shoplot. Ms Chai really has no more space in her own house, so this friend obliged but only for one dog.

Ms Chai has to rescue another TVT dog as soon as possible and this one has a more severe TVT from the massive bleeding but is friendlief. I am in the midst of helping her figure the best option for this dog now.








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