Neutering aid for 1 dog from Mentakab (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of this dog, Xiao Hong Guo. The charges at this vet is RM250 which covers a 2-night and 3-day boarding.

Through the assistance of a friend (the “agent”), Ms Chai paid for transportation to ferry XHG down to Subang for neutering and subsequent TVT treatment because her local vet has no boarding facilities. But after being spayed and while boarding at the Subang vet, XHG absolutely refused to eat. So Ms Chai decided to take XHG back to Mentakab to ensure she is back to good health after the spaying. Ms Chai will take her for TVT treatment at her local vet so that she can look after XHG daily.

Now, we are unable to get a photo of the surgical site because initially there was a whole lot of confusion with this case. The “agent” who helped Ms Chai write the emails to us (Ms Chai is not literate in English or BM) had promised to get Ms Chai’s dogs into a certain female-dog-free-neutering programme by another organisation but this organisation does not cover TVT treatment. Little did the agent know that Ms Chai does not qualify for that programme because she resides in Mentakab while the particular programme is only for Klang Valley residents.

So the initial email to us was that Ms Chai would get free neutering from that organisation and only needed medical aid from us. But as you know, our Medical Aid is only available together with neutering for newly-rescued animals. Our Medical Aid is not a stand-alone provision. Then came many confusing emails until I had to write to the head of the organisation to seek clarification. This took several days! I also had to seek clarification from the vet and was told the dog was under the agent and the agent had said not to vaccinate the dog!

From our communication with the other organisation, I was told that the agent is not even their representative so that made the issue even more complicated. To get to the bottom of everything we finally called Ms Chai to get a better understanding of the whole thing.

So now, we have agreed to help Ms Chai with our Neutering Aid, Vaccination Aid and Medical Aid for the eventual TVT treatment.

Because the spaying was done on the 10th or 11th of this month, the vets was not advised to take a photo of the surgical site by “the agent” or Ms Chai as both thought they were going to get free neutering from that other organisation. XHG was very fierce after getting up from the anaesthesia and the vets could not take a photo of the surgical site. We understand this difficulty.

I have been to the clinic to speak with the senior vet there and he confirmed that the spaying has been done. So, this verbal confirmation is good enough for us, but we still need a photo of the ear-notch. The vet also confirmed that the ear-tip has been done (flat tip) on the left ear.

So for the last hour, I browsed through the many videos to try and get a photo of the ear-notch of XHG. This is the best I could get. Ms Chai is currently very busy settling XHG down after she got back from the car trip from Subang to Mentakab (she is eating!!) so that, of course, gets priority. If Ms Chai is able to get a photo of the surgical wound later, we will update this blogpost. For now, the following would have to do.

We appreciate the vets attempts and efforts in getting XHG to eat. The vets bought chicken rice, roasted chicken and even McDonald’s nuggets but XHG was probably too scared to eat. I even suggested Ms Chai sends a voice recording of hers to let the vets play for XHG. She did, and XHG responded to the sound of Ms Chai’s voice but still refused to eat.

Upon reaching home, she ate!!