Panna goes to the park! (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

This is absolutely lovely!

Szetoo and daughter took Panna for an outing to the nearby park this evening and took off his e-collar. Panna urinated twice too.

For new readers: Panna is now a two-legged cat. He was discovered with gangrene on both his back legs and the legs were amputated to save his life. Panna is a strong little cat with lots of adventures ahead for him!

Now he is back home and fast asleep with his e-collar on. I’ve told Szetoo about soft e-collars and have offered to gift one of ours, but he says he will get one himself.

Szetoo has put a litter box next to his bed and he hopes to cajole Panna into defecating and urinating. Lots of work ahead!

But truly, Panna is such a good cat!

Goodnight and sweet dreams, Panna!








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