Gerald’s fur and about spot-on products

Gerald has had three rounds of Advocate spot-on now to address the balding of his flanks.

It was slightly more than two months ago that I noticed Gerald’s fur “turning white” at his flanks. I was really worried as I thought that might be indicative of a life-threatening illness. So I quickly took him to the vet only to be told that he was actually balding!

It would be most likely due to some allergy and we will never know what because Gerald is a community cat and we do not know where he roams to or what else he eats apart from the raw and canned food that I give him.

So the best option to address this balding and still allow him his freedom is to apply the Advocate spot-on every month. He was also given a Convenia injection (long lasting antibiotic) and Vetacortyl injection because a hair pluck examination showed bacterial infection.

So far, I’ve applied the spot-on three times now and I see improvement.

As a free-roaming cat, our vet also advises monthly deworming and annual vaccinations. The thing with the cat 4-in-1 vaccine is that it protects the cat against parvovirus and three types of flu. Titer tests show that the parvovirus immunity lasts, but not the flu because of the high rate of mutation of the flu viruses.

So in any case, there was an incident today.

During breakfast, only Creamy came. That’s totally strange. So I fed him first.

It was after an hour that Creamy came again with Misty. But no Gerald.

Of course, as you know, without Gerald, Misty will not eat. The two are thick as thieves.

So even though I offered food to Misty, she just scratched beside the bowl. This gesture either means they find the food revolting (normally that is because they are nauseated) or they like the food but are not hungry now, hence, they scratch a hole to bury the food for later. I think for Misty today, it was the latter.

Again, after another half hour, I finally heard the familar nonstop mewing.

Gerald was back!!!

So I fed them both and soon after, Misty left to go to the playground while Gerald stayed to eat more. Today’s menu was raw food plus the bonus of cut-up chicken breast meat. Gerald loves this!

Here’s our hero in orange:

Tambah lagi, tambah lagi!

The balding is much, much better now, isn’t it?  The fur at the flanks is still slightly thin, but at least it isn’t bald.

Advocate spot-on is actually very effective. Remember Tabs used to have her annual balding and I mean, really botak in several spots on her body. Advocate spot-on took care of that, every single time. Then, Cow had seizures which I thought was really serious, but what do you know, Advocate spot-on took care of that too. The vet explained that her first option is to use Advocate spot-on before starting on anti-seizure medication. This is because some seizures are caused by flea bites. If only I had known this during Tiger’s time…sigh.

For spot-ons, we seem to have much better results with Advocate than Revolution. But Revolution is a Class III poison whereas Advocate is under Class II (more toxic than Class III). But our vet explained that the insecticide is still, generally safe. I’ve had burn spots with Revolution, so that’s scary.


How It Works
Advocate® combines the power of the two active ingredients imidacloprid and moxidectin, both well established antiparasiticides with proven efficacy.
1. Moxidectin penetrates through the skin, enters the bloodstream, and distributes in all organs. It acts systemically, targeting endoparasites and mites.
2. Imidacloprid spreads in the water resistant lipid layer of the skin’s surface and acts topically, targeting ectoparasites.

Both Advocate and Revolution also act as a dewormer, so they both enter the bloodstreams. Whereas Advantage is just an anti-flea product, so it stays within the intradermal layer of the skin and sheds with the release of skin cells and oils in the coat and does not enter the pet’s bloodstream.



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