Jayden and his love of animals (the teddy bear book)

I gifted Jayden nine books for his birthday amongst other toys. Four were from a giraffe series, four from a teddy bear series and one was about “cat chats”.

Jayden LOVES animals and you simply cannot go wrong giving him ANYTHING related to animals, be it books or toys.

Take a look….

Children have a natural love of animals and this love must be nurtured and encouraged from young through education by example.

While Jayden absolutely adores our cats, there was a time when he began to be rough with them, and that’s where we have to step in to teach him not to be so.

He’s also a bit naughty with ants now, so we have to teach him to treat ants kindly too.

I hope our grandsons will grow up to love and respect animals as my two children do. But “hope” isn’t enough. We have to guide them all the way.

It’s our responsibility as adults to do so. We owe it to our children. We owe it to the planet.







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