Updates from Mentakab on Xiao Hong Gou (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

Here are two pictures that are worth a thousand words.

The ear-notch is clearly visible in this picture. Ms Chai says she is not able to take a photo of the surgical wound and we say it is perfectly okay.  The vet has already confirmed that XHG has been spayed.

The most important thing is that, XHG is eating so well now. Hope she will regain her health and be fit enough to undergo the chemo treatment.

Ms Chai wants to change XHG’s name to “Baby” now. Haha….

Even though XHG trusts Ms Chai and feels so at home now that she eats, she still will not let Ms Chai touch her. Food has to be left, the person disappears, before she will eat.

There is a another concern as well from the kind neighbour who is offering this upstairs space for XHG. The neighbour also has dogs downstairs and is now worried that the TVT might spread to this dogs. However, I explained to Ms Chai that TVT is transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact with the tumour, ie. it usually spreads by coitus, but it may also be spread by licking, biting, and sniffing tumor-affected areas.

Ms Chai has consulted her Mentakab vet and since XHG had not eaten for 3-4 days while in Subang, it is best to postpone her TVT treatment to at least a week so that there is time for XHG to build up her health by eating nutritiously.







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