Cow Mau to the vet’s (3rd Solensia injection for pain management)

Today was Cow Mau’s appointment for his third Solensia injection for pain management.

Solensia works well for arthritis but we were hoping it would work for his mouth pain too. Unfortunately, the effect on his mouth pain has not been significant enough. There is a little bit of help, though.

Cow Mau has also been having brown eye discharge again, which is a on-and-off problem for him.

The vet checked and Cow Mau’s heart and lungs are all good. Yay! Note: Cow has congestive heart failure and is on Clopidogrel, a blood thinner and as well Amlodipine to control his blood pressure.

But the vet is very concerned about Cow Mau’s pawing at the mouth. She says we must manage the pain but there are medications that Cow Mau cannot take because he is FIV+ and because of his heart condition.

Cow Mau’s eye discharge was examined under the microscope and the vet found some bacteria (rod and cocci). So, for the eye, the vet prescribed Beagenta Eyedrop twice a day and Cow Mau was also given a Convenia long-lasted antibiotic injection.

For his mouth pain, the vet prescribed a new product from Taiwan. It is called Oral Relax Gel and it is a liquid to be dropped into the mouth twice a day. The vet managed to peek at Cow Mau’s mouth and saw the it is the back (not where there used to be teeth, but even further back) that is inflamed. She says it would be best for Cow to eat kibble, but Cow has no teeth to chew.

All his back teeth had been extracted some years ago. Only his canines and incisors remain now. The vet says she could see the remnants of wet food at the back of his mouth and this causes inflammation. I am looking at buying the smallest kibble I could find now.

The vet also prescribed daily transdermal Gabapentin for pain management.

Cow lost a bit of weight and weighs 4.2kg today (he was 4.4kg last month), but he eats very frequently.

I also told the vet that Cow takes long naps now, in very deep sleep and I have to physically nudge him to wake him up. Maybe he is just getting really old or maybe he’s sleeping off the pain, so let’s hope daily Gabapentin works.

We came home, not unduly worried as his heart and lungs are okay. It’s just the pain management of the mouth that we have to try to manage.

At 17 years 8 months, being FIV+ and with congestive heart failure, Cow Mau does look rather frail. But he is as good as it gets!









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