Panna poops (solid!) and pees in the litter box!

Szetoo shared this piece of great news!

Remember Panna was having diarrhoea? Well, it’s all good now. Not only that, but Panna walked/crawled into his litter box today to urinate and defecate and it’s solid poop!

The sutures will be removed some time next week and a PCV blood test will be done because Panna’s was only 25% when he was admitted. Hopefully, the reading will increase after recuperation. The food we ordered will arrive tomorrow.

Nice poop is a heaven-sent!! So is pee!

Szetoo says Panna is amazingly resilient and capable.

Well, aren’t all cats?!!

Our vet had initially suggested making a suit for Panna to cushion off any possible friction at the bottom, something like this:

But Szetoo says that so far, diapers are not needed and he will play it by ear. Let Panna figure it what’s best for him!







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