Updates on the 2nd TVT dog in Mentakab (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

This is an update of what transpired last night.

I have sought help from another very helpful rescuer in Ipoh in case he knows of any skilled rescuers from the Klang Valley who might be able to help Ms Chai. This Ipoh rescuer says, and I totally concur, that free-roaming dogs will normally be very fearful of strangers and will probably just run helter skelter when they see strangers. This is absolutely correct even for cats too. Morever, it is really too far for the Ipoh rescuer to travel down to Mentakab for a mission which has no guarantee of the desired outcome.

The best person to catch this dog is actually Ms Chai, who is the feeder. She says she has been feeding this dog for more than a year now, but she claims that she cannot catch the dog.

Then, I sent her photos of JoTong and Uncle Wong’s methods, ie. the Mouse Trap, the Fencing and the Fish Net. Again, Ms Chai says she doesn’t have any cage. But she has been a rescuer for more than 6 years. A rescuer without even a cage? How does one do rescues without a cage?

Then, I suggested that she asks her local vet for advice on using sedatives in the food. She says she has used this method before but the previous dog was not knocked out even after four hours, and she doesn’t have the time to wait that long or longer.

I suggested using a darter, but again, she would have to follow the dog. She says that’s too expensive.

So, Ms Chai is fixed on the idea that she needs someone to help her catch the dog.

We have exhausted all our avenues for now.

In the first place, rescue help is not part of our aid because we do not have the expertise, skills, equipment or manpower. Our aid is in neutering, vaccination, medical and the occasional food aid.

We can only help to ask for sources and share ideas, which we already have.

We have also asked, on behalf of Ms Chai, for her to get a rescue rate at a Klang Valley vet here and also the privilege of boarding over Chinese New Year for a very reasonable extra charge of just RM10 (extra).

Now, all she has to do is to catch the dog.

We fervently hope she catches this 2nd TVT dog soon, for the dog’s treatment but also so that no other healthy dog will be infected through mucosal contact with the tumour or the blood from the tumour (licking, sniffing, etc.).