Medical aid (supplies and food) for 1 cat in Subang Jaya (Post-op care for Panna) (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

As you know, we did a special fundraising for Panna’s double amputation, and there is still a balance of RM1304.90. Szetoo has asked us to keep these funds for Panna’s needs and if there is any balance later on, he would like the balance to be channeled to help other animals under AnimalCare’s aid.

We discussed with Szetoo and he has requested for a pack of Size M pet liners, and at the same time, we asked if he would like canned food for Panna’s recuperation.

This aid comes under Medical Aid since the funds were raised for Panna’s medical needs.

Cindy&Friends’ Wee Wee Pad (size M) – 1 pack

Cindy’s Original with broth cat canned food
Tuna w Chicken – 1 box
Tuna w Katsuobushi – 1 box
Tuna w Sea Bream – 1 box

Cindy’s Signature cat canned food
Salmon w Turkey – 1 box
Salmon w Duck – 1 box
Salmon w Shrimp – 1 box

Back2Nature cat canned food
Tuna w Chicken – 1 box
Tuna w Mackerel – 1 box
Tuna w Sardine – 1 box

Ciao Treat
Churu 50’s Seafood Variety – 1 bottle

Szetoo mentioned that Panna likes fish, but we explained that Panna needs protein rotation, hence the order above.

The order was delivered this afternoon. Szetoo conveys his thanks to all donors.

The cost of this order is RM637.08 and has been paid from the balance of the specially-raised funds.

This is the updated balance now:

Date Donations Expenses Details
13-Jan 4000
14-Jan 2695.10 Balance of vet bill of RM4695.10
17-Jan 637.08 Supplies and food
Total 4000 3332.18
Balance 667.82

We are reserving RM500 for Panna’s follow-up treatments until his sutures heal completely and he gets a clean bill of health.

These are the donors:

Fundraising for Panna
Lim Kean Joo 300 TnG
Ong Khing Wee 200 bank
Wong Chin Kuan 50 bank
Toffee Moffee Gal 200 TnG
Joy Saga 150 bank
Judy Chua 100 bank
Tong Yut Fun 150 bank
Agnes Cheong 100 TnG
Indy, Tabs & Ginger 200 bank
Koh Seow Pen 200 TnG
Tan Sze Yin 200 TnG
Suhaila Marican 100 TnG
Loke Phaik Huah 300 bank
Chew Jin Toh 200 bank
Coco, CC, EB, TY, Woo & MC 100 bank
Chim Siew Choon 200 TnG
Anoymous 200 TnG
Khoo Ming-Yi 50 bank
Julia Chong Chui Lin 100 TnG
From the estate of Sumitra Siew 300 bank
Kon Chee Min 200 TnG
Lee Pek Jong 50 TnG
Tony Tan 50 bank
Anonymous 100 bank
Pang Eng Eng 200 TnG
Total 4000

Thank you so much, once again, for giving Panna a chance and a new lease on life!






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