Doing Indy’s daily subcut

Today, I had a video taken of how I do Indy’s daily subcut. A friend requested some guidance as she has never done it for her dog before.

So I’m sharing it here in case anyone might want to view the video too.

In short:

1. Fix up the bottle of Hartmann’s solution (compound sodium lactate) and extension cord (make sure it’s in a closed position).
2. Fix the needle to the end of the cord. Let the solution run for 1-2 seconds to fill up the extension cord to get rid of the air bubbles.
3. Now, all set to do the subcut.
4. Make sure the bottle is high up. The higher it is, the faster the flow.
5. Pinch your animal’s skin up so that it is triangular. Poke the needle UNDER the skin. Not vertically into they body, but UNDER the skin. This is subcutaneous. Maximum about 30 degrees from the horizontal. Tip: It also flows much better and faster if the hole in the needle is pointing upwards.
6. After poking the needle in, open and let the drip flow. You can see how fast it flows. If it is too slow, pinch the skin up again. This will increase the rate of flow. You can also quicken the flow by squeezing the bottle, if you wish.
7. Follow the reading and end it after reaching the desired volume.

The 500ml Hartmann’s Solution is selling at RM3 per bottle at AA Pharmacy. The extension cord is only available at the vet’s. The needles (I use Nipro 18G one-inch) are available online and the alcohol swab can be purchased at any pharmacy.







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