An update from Mentakab (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

We have not heard from Ms Chai for many days now.

She had earlier informed me that she would be sending a dog for neutering on Tuesday this week. And the first TVT dog was supposed to commence TVT treatment as well. The second TVT dog is due to be caught for the same treatment too.

So I contacted her again today to ask for updates and according to her, the dog scheduled for neutering on Tuesday had escaped. However, according to the local vet, she told the vet that she had forgotten to fast the dog. So we do not know which is which now.

She says she still cannot go near the first TVT dog whom she feeds three times a day. And she still cannot catch the second TVT dog.

We have given her many suggestions on how to catch the second TVT dog but she said she could not do any of them.

She is a rescuer without a cage or a carrier. So that makes everything quite difficult. She told me that years ago, she took a TVT for treatment at the clinic. The dog was muzzled and she carried the dog from her car to the clinic, but the dog escaped and she could not find the dog again even after 4 months. We can only hope the dog chewed and broke through the muzzle. It is an experience like this that teaches us never ever to repeat such an act again – to take a street animal in the car without a cage or carrier, what more with a muzzle on.

We have also informed Ms Chai that our funds are given out on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot and do not reserve funds for anyone unless the funds are specially donated for a specific purpose. In her case, our aid for her comes from our reserved funds, so this follows a first-come, first-served basis.







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