The sickest day of my entire life

Yesterday I had the worst and sickest day of my entire life.

To cut a very long story short, son must have eaten contaminated food at the terminal, but it was just one of us. So, it started with severe vomiting and diarrhoea (nonstop) the next day. It was food poisoning, but this bacteria spreads. It is a bacteria because a blood test was done to determine that.

So the bug started to spread, it most likely got into the air from the vomit and diarrhoea in the toilet. Flushing just sends it into a aerosol all over the toilet.

This is a totally crazy food poisoning bug. The symptoms are so severe with vomiting and diarrhoea; it definitely isn’t your usual diarrhoea which can be “cured” with cold Coca-Cola or your go-to home remedy which you swear “always works”. This is a bacteria and a very, very crazy one!

Yesterday, when I finally reached home after being on drip, I could not even sit-up, let alone stand or walk. I had totally collapsed on the bed. The cats were all waiting for me. Poor things. I have never ever been too sick to look after my cats. The only time was when I was admitted in hospital for dengue – I was away in hospital. Even during my recent Covid-19 infection, having chills and all, I still managed to look after all our cats.

Last night, I could not even sit-up.

So I told husband to just give everyone canned food. But they refused to eat. It’s not the food, it’s they wanting me to feed them. I guess they have trust issues.

But I could not even get up yesterday, so I had to wait until this morning, when I could finally get up from bed. I saw that everyone had finally eaten the canned food, except for the Porch Cats. You would think Gerald and Misty would eat anything? No, they left the food. Mega trust issues there.

I managed to feed everyone this morning. But I had already missed one dose of supplements and meds last night for Cow, Indy and Tabs. Cow missed his blood thinner but I think one dose is okay. Indy and Tabs only missed their supplements, so that’s okay too. Everyone had their supplements today, including their probiotics and I really, really hope this food poisoning bug will not spread to cats. We don’t know the extent of the spread yet and what it can do.

So far, I only saw the usual vomit from Indy (small amount) and a hairball vomit in Ginger’s Catio.

It didn’t help that there was a war going on between Creamy and Gerald&Misty.

And by afternoon, we had another unforeseen circumstance, so I was away at the hospital again. Luckily I had recovered fairly well so that I could look after the rest at the hospital.

I’m back now to do the evening feed and I’ll be off to the hospital again.

Food poisoning bug – it is contagious and deadly. Please be careful.







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