Gerald and Misty are back for dinner…and supper!

Gerald and Misty came back for dinner this evening.

They had raw food and canned food for dinner.

Then, they came back again for supper!

This time I gave them Gerald’s favourite – cut-up raw chicken meat. He finished the first round and asked for more.

Gerald ate a lot!

I did not see Creamy today, so I think he’s got my telepathic message. But my husband said he came in the afternoon and sat in the porch. I was busy spring cleaning from morning until evening today.

For new readers, Creamy is someone’s cat from the back road. Since he came to our road, I got him neutered, vaccinated and I let him eat in our porch whenever he comes. It’s been more than a year now.

I think he comes for the raw food. He probably gets his own food at home. All was well among the three of them until a few days ago when Creamy started attacking Gerald for no reason known to me. I was also away at the hospital for two days and only came back to feed all the cats. I saw Creamy attacking Gerald twice and Gerald did not retaliate at all. Gerald is too gentle and mild-mannered; he doesn’t know how to fight or fight back. He would just crouch down low and hope the attacker goes away.

Because of Creamy’s sudden antagonistic behaviour, poor Gerald missed several meals. Creamy would sit in our porch to prevent Gerald from coming back. I tried settling the matter, but failed. So I “said” to Creamy that either he plays nice and stops attacking Gerald, or just stay back in his own house and don’t come and cause trouble in our porch.

Creamy has a home and I’m sure he is fed there. But Gerald and Misty have no home. If Creamy prevents them from coming to our porch, where are both of them going to find food? Gerald and Misty are our CNRM-cats and it is my responsibility to feed them and take care of them.

I’m glad Gerald is back with Misty now in our porch and they both managed to eat breakfast, dinner and supper today.

Make peace, not war. Don’t be like humans!






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