Mongolia’s new Pet Law to protect animal companions

Inspiring news for animal lovers:


Mongolia has achieved a historic milestone in animal rights with the passing of its inaugural law dedicated to protecting animals. Known as The Pet Law, this groundbreaking legislation signifies a significant shift in Mongolia’s approach towards animal welfare and reflects a compassionate legacy deeply ingrained in the nation’s cultural fabric.

No longer will homeless cats and dogs face cruel fates at the hands of authorities. The days of indiscriminate shooting and poisoning are over, replaced by a more humane approach that prioritizes birth control and responsible guardianship.

Animal parents are granted rights that ensure the well-being of their companions. From access to public spaces to protection from abuse, these rights reveal a shared responsibility towards the creatures we share our lives with. Simultaneously, the law imposes new responsibilities on guardians, emphasizing the importance of registration, training, and sterilization to mitigate overpopulation and promote healthier communities.

…regulation of animal breeding and sales. By banning the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops and instituting licensing requirements for breeders, Mongolia sets a new standard for responsible animal husbandry.

Hear, hear!

The significance of The Pet Law extends far beyond Mongolia’s borders. It serves as a model for countries around the world, challenging them to reevaluate their treatment of animals and adopt more humane practices. By embracing The Pet Law, nations can aspire to create societies where respect for all forms of life is paramount.

Our government can certainly learn from this, if they are interested, that is. The three main points, according to the article, are:

  1. No more indiscriminate destruction of homeless cats and dogs. Prioritise sterilisation.
  2. Responsible pet ownership and animal rights in public spaces.
  3. Ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops. Licensing of breeders.

We have always, always been asking for just one thing to start off: Please spare the ear-notched (neutered) street animals. Just this one thing.