The keto diet for dogs with cancer

I am reminded, through someone who recently asked us for tips on palliative care for her dog with 3rd stage nasal cancer and adrenal mass, that years ago, we had written about the keto diet for dogs with cancer back in 2017. This person was happy to share today that her dog is doing well on the keto diet too!

In fact, according to some vets, the keto diet may be beneficial for all dogs, whether they have cancer or not.

If you are a dog parent with these concerns, please do a search on the internet for reliable information on the keto diet for dogs. Discuss with your vet or a pet nutritionist and decide if it is suitable for your dog(s).

Here is an interview done by Dr Karen Becker about 6 months ago:

What is the keto diet for dogs:

And this is an article written by Dr Demian Dressler in January 2024:

The summary by Dr Demian Dressler:

Dietary Guidelines I Still Recommend

In the end, I hold to my original guidelines:

  • Carbohydrate restriction makes sense for many dogs with cancer who have not yet lost weight.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics make sense.
  • More dietary fat makes sense most of the time.
  • Anti-cancer ingredients make sense.
  • Not using high heat in food preparation makes sense.
  • Avoiding pesticides and herbicides and inflammation-creating food ingredients all make sense.
  • Using digestive enzymes make sense.

These research-backed strategies have benefited dogs and people “in the field.” These are the strategies used in the book Dr. Susan Ettinger and I wrote.

And don’t forget to check with your vet if you are changing your dog’s diet, as each dog is different.

Dr Sue Ettinger is a practising veterinary cancer specialist:

Photo credit:

Disclaimer: This is just a sharing. Kindly consult your veterinarian for professional advice for your dog. Every dog is different.






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