Creamy returns again

This morning, when I went out to feed the Porch Cats, all three were there.

Oh dear….what’s the relationship dynamics now?

Just yesterday, husband says he saw Gerald chasing Creamy out of the porch. Hmm…really? I wasn’t there so I don’t really know, but if Gerald did chase Creamy out, I’d say that’s a good thing. At least poor Gerald is standing up for himself now.

So this morning, I had to assess the situation and the relationship dynamics.

Gerald was on the floor mat.

Creamy was at the feeding station while poor Misty was shuttling between Gerald and Creamy. I know Misty is hungry and wants to eat, but she has to remain loyal to her best friend, Gerald.

I fed Gerald first and luckily, he was willing to eat. The previous time, he was too scared to eat at this mat just because Creamy was around.

Then I fed Creamy and Misty, but Misty was too frightened to approach the feeding station.

Creamy, what on earth has happened to you and why are you such a tyrant now?? He used to be such a scaredy cat.

When Misty was finally ready to eat (based on her body language), I quickly put some food on the cover of the container. Better quickly feed her than go inside and get a bowl.

I finally dashed in and got a bowl out for Misty to continue eating.

Gerald had a second helping, but did not finish it. He didn’t look too scared to me, so that’s good. But it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to be near Creamy at all.

Misty only ate a little bit, so when both boys had gone off, Misty came back again to food.

This was an hour later.

Misty was so hungry, she downed a whole can of food!

What will the relationship dynamics be like tomorrow? We shall see.