The Blondies’ eating pattern

I wish the Blondies ate like the Monsters!!

But they don’t.

However, weight-wise, they are fine. All are above 4kg. All muscular, pretty much like the Monsters too. Perhaps it’s due to the platforms where they get to exercise daily!

But truly, it would be so much easier if they would eat like the Monsters!

The Monsters are food-guzzlers and it’s a joy to feed them.

Maybe it’s because the Monsters are male and the Blondies are female. Could be that too.

This morning certainly wasn’t a “strike lottery” breakfast day. I had a hard time persuading them to eat as they were too busy playing.

Until now, I have to give them their probiotics separately and I cannot mix it with their food because sometimes, they just want to do intermittent fasting and would refuse to eat!

Even chasing after them just to feed them the probiotics (mixed with Ciao treats) is a challenge every morning.

Took a pretty long time to find Kai and persuade her to eat. She’s very good at hiding. Sometimes, she is sleeping in the Daiso beds (the cushions are exactly the same colour as her!) or the hammock in the cat tree (again, exactly the same colour as her!).

The Blondies are quite choosy over food. It’s hard to tell when they want Coco&Joe’s or Cubgrub. It depends on their mood. Susah betul!  Sometimes, they stick their noses in the air and walk away from one type of food, but when you offer the other type, they guzzle it up and ask for seconds and thirds.

Samantha decided she didn’t want to eat this morning and hid up on the lookout. When they are up there, I leave them alone. I’m not going to climb up the ladder and risk falling down and breaking my hip or worse.

These platforms are really excellent for the cats’ exercise! They all love it, including Indy! He still goes up to his top-of-the-world platform every day.