Our guava tree…and the dilemma

We have almost zero luck in planting anything, but by sheer luck, we managed to plant a guava tree and it actually fruited! We planted it from a seed of an organic guava.

We haven’t really been 100% successful in enjoying our fruits, because half of them are eaten up by fruit fly larvae despite us wrapping them up. We do leave some for the birds and tree shrews too.

But now, there is a new worry. We have seen Bella (the bird) coming to the tree. As you can see, its leaves are really lush and quite ideal for Bella to build her nest. But it’s way too low for the nest to be safe from Gerald and Misty. And Creamy too. In fact, Bella came with her partner to survey the tree this morning.

We also got rid of our curry leaf tree in Ginger’s Catio because Bella uses it to build her nest. Then, Bella went on to build her next high up on my Pinang trees, which is great and so much safer.

Law of the jungle. Cats are carnivorous.

Truly a dilemma.