After another dreadful fireworks-filled night

Jade Emperor’s birthday came and went last night.

The fireworks was madness, but thank goodness there was none of that war-zone machine-gun blasts last night. Probably that fellow isn’t Hokkien or he just doesn’t celebrate the Jade Emperor’s birthday.

Fireworks should be banned. There is no two ways about it.

But if there HAS to be two ways about it, then how about designating places like Dataran Merdeka for it? It would still cause harm, but at least it won’t be in the neighbourhoods, especially at our playground where there are so many big trees and many bird nests.

It is downright cruel and evil to still continue lighting up despite knowing (yes, I told the whole group in the neighbourhood chat) that birds, bees and other small animals would be harmed and some would even die. It made no difference to these selfish humans. They don’t care. I was even told off. Yes, there was a backlash from one person.

I’m done with the selfish neighbours in my area. After almost 12 years of putting up with their nonsense, I’m done. I left the chat group so that I can remain sane. Let them rot in their ignorance if that is what they prefer. Homo stultus!

There is a fine balance when it comes to protecting street animals. You do not want to irritate the selfish humans until there is backlash, and usually selfish humans will take it out on your dependents and your loved ones. They cannot get you, they get those whom you love, especially those who are vulnerable. That is the modus operandi of bullies and cowards.

So, we do whatever it takes to protect our loved ones even if it means taking a step back and doing something else that will not incur the wrath of these selfish humans/bullies/cowards.

Gerald and Misty survived Jade Emperor’s birthday night. They are none the worse. Thank goodness they are both resilient and strong.

But there will be Chap Goh Mei come 24th Feb (I think?). Our neighbourhoods will be turned into war zones again. Brace yourselves, dear friends, protect all your animals on that fateful day.

Fireworks is classified in the same category as dynamite. It takes totally stupid humans to lift the ban on it.