The Creamy-Gerald antagonism continues

Sigh…it’s resumed, actually.

Creamy has come back, not necessarily for food, just to occupy our porch.

Out of courtesy, I offered some food. He wasn’t particularly hungry, actually, but he ate, perhaps also out of courtesy!

Misty doesn’t really feel comfortable with Creamy. But she also ate some.

Actually, when Creamy comes, Misty sounds the alert at our window sill. It is almost as though she is asking for help.

“Help!! Help!! The nasty intruder is here!!” 

We don’t know what transpires before Creamy comes. I’m guessing maybe Gerald just goes away?

So yesterday, because Creamy came for dinner, Gerald did not turn up at all. I waited until very late at night, Gerald just did not come.

But he came early this morning, quite hungry.

This is at 6am this morning. Gerald had a good breakfast.

By the way….

Two fruit bats were circling our garden for quite long this morning. It was quite a spectacular sight!

I remember once in the neighbourhood chat, someone said he had a resident bat in his house and he proudly declared that he uses the bat for rubber-band target practice. That was downright cruel; another kind-to-animals neighbour told him off.

Some people are just so downright cruel and think that they are above animals.

So far, including husband and me, four pro-animal people have left that chat group, including the kind-to-animals neighbour mentioned above. There is no point in staying in such a hostile group. Maybe more have left too.