The Monsters vs the Blondies

Everybody’s in this photo this morning. And as always, it’s a total joy to feed the Monsters because they have a terrific appetite.

I cannot say the same of the Blondies, though. It’s considered VERY lucky that I could get at least three of them together for a meal this morning. Normally, they will all be scattered all over and I have to practically beg them to eat. Indra decided to go on intermittent fasting this morning.

Tabs is watching a series with me here. She’s also not easy to feed. The same goes for Riley too, but at least Riley can be force fed.

While the Blondies are on a raw diet, I am also giving them some canned food just to increase their meal repertoire.

My deeper ulterior motive here is to gradually add water into the canned food. The plan is to increase their water intake. I did this for the Monsters and it works. However, I cannot trick Cow Mau, Indy or Tabs with this. They can smell it out. The moment I add even a little bit of water to their food, they walk off in protest.

But what’s this? Cow is eating the watery canned food now?

Thank you for enticing Cow to eat it, Kai! Normally Cow will be pawing his mouth during a meal, but what do you know….he finished the entire plate without any incident!

Sometimes, it takes a cat to get another cat to do things.

Nutrition for cats: (1) Raw is good, (2) Water is good.







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