GPS trackers for your dogs

In view of the crazy and inconsiderate fireworks which often happens in some festivals in our country and especially when it has been legalised by the government as of last year resulting in these war-zone blasting machine-gun types which terrifies not only animals but also humans, do please consider getting GPS trackers to be attached to your dog’s collar.

Some come with SIM cards and some without. They do require batteries as well. My friend has one for his dog (who is already microchipped as well), but the GPS tracker serves a different purpose. You can track the whereabouts of your dog in the unfortunate event that your dog escapes or goes missing.

Do a search on Google (shopping) and you will see many available through online shops.

They are available for cats too, but we do worry that cats with collars (especially if they are in panic mode) might get them entangled somewhere which may lead to very unfortunate outcomes. The decision is yours. You know your cat best.

As for me, I do not dare to put any collar on our CNRM-cats. I fear it will get them entangled somewhere.

Back to the fireworks, it’s a very uphill battle because the government has legalised it and many humans get horribly defensive and lose all common sense and compassion when they think their traditional, cultural or worse, religious practices are being challenged.

Tradition, culture, religion or compassion – which is more important? For us, compassion wins hands-down, anytime.

What is legal doesn’t make it right or compassionate. What is traditional, cultural or even religious also do not necessarily make it right or compassionate. Open to debate, but that would be on another platform.

On this platform, we will do whatever it takes to protect our animals.






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