Jayden feeds the Monsters

Jayden has been making all kinds of Play-Doh foods for us. It’s his new craze!

He also did not forget the cats and made them pretend food too.

He first offered his Play-Doh cat food to Riley but she didn’t know how play pretend. And she ran away.

So I let him offer it to Ginger. I know Ginger would oblige!

Ginger did!

Then, Jayden offered his pretend food to Robin too.

I decided to let Jayden feed them real cat food! You might remember that before Jayden turned one, he was already helping me feed our porch cats. Our youngest CNRM-cat feeder!!

Jayden kept saying, “Good boy, good boy” to the cats. And yes, they are all boys!

Always best friends – Ginger and Jayden, since Jayden was 3 months old!






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