Why is everyone spooked this morning?

It must be the dreaded fireworks last night.

Many of our cats were very spooked this morning.

Gerald was already spooked last night when he came to our window upstairs and started mewing loudly. It was at 3am in the morning and I was so worried the neighbour would complain. I opened the window to let him into the house, but he didn’t want to come in.

Finally, husband had to wake up and stop him from mewing.

This morning, when I went out to feed Gerald, he rushed into the house the moment I opened the front door. Misty was very worried and stayed close to the door. I opened the door to let Misty in too, but she didn’t want to go in. Minutes later, Gerald asked to go out to the porch again.

I fed them but Gerald kept looking at the front gate as though he was afraid of something. He ate, but not much. Misty ate a lot.

The Monsters were all okay, though. They ate a lot.

Then, it came to the Blondies. All of them were spooked and did not want to eat at all. They were busy monitoring Stargate2, as though trying to guard it from some intruder.

Cow Mau and Indy were unaffected.

Now, Riley was the most affected. She ran out of the front door when husband opened it to go out. Husband tried to stop her and got badly scratched and bitten (but not deep wounds). So yes, Riley escaped but luckily she remained in the porch. It took me quite awhile to be able to get her back and I wouldn’t have succeeded had Gerald not helped. Both Gerald and Misty were helping me round up Riley. Finally, Gerald cornered her near the plants and garbage compartment and I managed to scruff her up. It was the only way. Riley did not struggle, luckily. I carried her back to the house and confined her in Bunny’s Place. I thought I’d better confine her until the 15th day of CNY is over (that’s tomorrow – get ready for crazy blasts and booms of the dreadful fireworks again, it might just start happening tonight itself).

Finally managed to get Kai and Indra to eat their breakfast.

Riley, you are under house arrest.

Poor Riley kept asking to be released, so yes, I released her back into the Safehouse after a few hours.






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