Feeding the Blondies

The Blondies are still keeping to their pattern of eating a full meal once in two days and grazing after that. Well, perhaps the frequency has reduced to once in 1.5 days now. I was told that some cats just like to graze and do not like to eat two square meals per day.

This morning, Indra ate 4 helpings of Coco&Joe’s at one go. That would be her full meal and it might last 1.5 days after this, but she will graze in between. The grazing keeps them “fed”.

The Blondies are grazers, unlike the Monsters who are 2-square meal eaters. I’m sure the Monsters don’t mind grazing too!

Akira and Kai walked away from their bowls of Coco&Joe’s but the moment I gave them Cubgrub, they each ate 3 helpings. Sigh…“feed me what I want, not what YOU think I want, ok?” 

Ok, but how do I know what YOU want, girls?

Happily eating Cubgrub.

But for another meal, they might walk away from Cubgrub and go to Coco&Joe’s, and it’s not like it should be alternate days or there is some predicable pattern to it.

There is none.

“Read our minds if you claim to be so smart,” they say.  “We are telling you, you just don’t understand us.” 

So yes, while our pets understand us, we remain as Homo Stultus to them!!







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