Please celebrate Chap Goh Mei without fireworks

As I am writing this, there’s very heavy rain suddenly. But don’t rain in the morning, rain tonight, please. It’s the 15th day of CNY and the bombs and blasts are going to turn neighbourhoods into war zones tonight – birds might die, other small animals too, pets might escape and go missing forever. Please rain tonight. Just not to heavily until it causes floods. Just rain so that the selfish people cannot light up their fireworks.

Did you read the news about an elderly man who died due to smoke inhalation from fireworks this CNY? Yes, in our country, not overseas. It happened right here, in our country.

And yet, nothing deters those idiots from lighting up.

I’ve heard those sudden “bomb blasts” twice in our neighbourhood during this CNY. We really thought a gas tank exploded somewhere or somebody’s fireworks stash exploded in the house. It was very, very loud. My heart palpitated for minutes after that. Our cats were shocked too. It never used to be THIS bad in previous years. I think it does have everything to do with the lifting of the ban on fireworks by this government last year. The ban has been lifted, so bombs away, literally! The reason given was that since they could not control the smuggling, might as well lift the ban and collect taxes from it. Go figure.

Wear red as much as you want, have your family feasts, invite the lion dance troupe to perform in halls where animals aren’t around (but without the firecrackers, please), celebrate by all means but just please don’t harm other living beings. How can you “celebrate” and be happy if you are already told that your methods of celebrating harm others?

Please do not light those cursed fireworks today. Have a heart.