Poor Tabs

The fireworks have started and Tabs is terrified.

I expect there will be the bombs and blasts tonight.

Please rain. Please.

A former applicant texted me to wish me Happy Chap Goh Mei this morning. I returned the wish but I added “Please say NO to fireworks”. To many, they normally will not reply and from the non-reply, I’m guessing that either they are offended or they disagree, but I was pleasantly surprised by this former applicant.

He texted back in TOTAL agreement that fireworks are so, so bad for the street animal community and says he abhors fireworks. He knows how much street animals suffer because of the dreadful fireworks. So we started texting more and I told him all about our country’s 1955 ban and how it was lifted last year and everything else.

I’m glad someone supports our efforts to raise this awareness.

Many people I’ve talked to actually do not even know that the ban was lifted last year by this government. I do not blame them. Some of us are too busy to follow the local news and might have missed it.

This is why in previous years, when I called the police, the police would send a patrol car and later, give me some feedback. This year, they just took my call, told me they will “do something” (“suruh mereka beredar”) but they did not even turn up. I don’t blame the police, though, the abominable practice has been legalised, what can the police do, right? So easy to legalise a ban that has been in force for 68 years but SO impossible to alter the council by-laws so that ear-notched animals are spared from capture? Go figure since “Madani” includes “ihsan” which means compassion.

The fireworks started as early as this morning. How many birds have fled their nests or died of panic? How many bees have left their hives? How many pet rabbits have died of shock? How many pets or CNRM-animals have escaped in fear? How many babies have suffered some hearing loss unknown to their parents? How many elderly people have had heart palpitations? Ini tak berapa “ihsan”, kan?  

Please rain tonight.