The problem that Creamy causes

Creamy came back again this morning.

Gerald was back as well and remained only at the door mat while Creamy and Misty were at the feeding station.

I quickly fed Creamy some raw food hoping he’d go away after that. Misty was eating as well but clearly she wasn’t exactly comfortable. Maybe it’s because her best friend, Gerald was at the door mat. I offered Gerald a big bowl of food but as expected, he was simply too scared to eat.

Creamy did finally go away, at least I think he did. Gerald remained at the door mat (good enough that he didn’t run away of fright).

But despite Creamy having gone away, Gerald was still too scared to eat. Sigh.

This goes to show that our former senior vet was right – cats can starve to death because they are just too scared to eat.

Gerald still refused to eat long after Creamy was gone, so I force fed him. I knew he was hungry. Luckily he let me force feed him. And he ate half this amount, which is better than having not eaten at all.

Later, I went out again to offer some food and he was STILL too scared to eat.

What did Creamy do to Gerald until the fear has lasted for so long? Or perhaps, Gerald is just a very timid cat. If only I could create another zone in our house, I would bring in Gerald and Misty, but they would certainly miss their freedom outdoors and might not be happy. In any case, I really do not have space to create another zone.

The Monsters would never accept newcomers. They even hound the Blondies like a pack of wolves. Samantha and Misty cannot get along, so Bunny’s Place is out of the question. Tabs doesn’t like other cats, so the Safehouse is out of the question too. Luckily Riley’s presence doesn’t disturb Tabs because Riley is a very easy-going cat and will keep her distance from Tabs.

I stayed with Gerald and Misty for some time just to hopefully give Gerald back some confidence and to know we will always protect him. Poor Gerald.






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