The fear in Gerald

Either Creamy has developed a terrorist complex in him or Gerald is just too timid, I really don’t know.

This morning, husband went out to the porch and found Creamy there. Misty and Gerald were nowhere to be seen.

He shoo-ed Creamy back home.

By the time I went out to feed the Porch Cats, only Misty was there and she was visibly restless.

Gerald was missing. Misty ate only a little bit.

We kept calling Gerald and it took awhile before he finally came back from the neighbour’s roof. Misty was overjoyed and trotted over to wait for and to greet Gerald.

Gerald is back!!

But despite being back and the fact that Creamy is not in the porch, Gerald was too frightened to eat.

I coaxed him, but he was just too scared.

It took sometime and this time, I tried kibble.

It worked.

I’m now wondering if the canned food was somehow associated to Creamy so the smell of the food reminded him of some bad experience he had had with Creamy?

Gerald: No, I just didn’t feel like eating canned food and wanted some junk. Haha…


But jokes aside, I have been thinking hard and long if there is some way I could bring Gerald and Misty into the house. Ginger’s Catio is out of the question because even Tabs dare not go out there.

Tabs: There are MONSTERS out there…

True, the Monsters fight among themselves but it’s still milder compared to how Cow and Bunny (plus Indy) used to fight in their hey day. These three had fights which ended in blood and a trip to the vet’s. Even surgery. The Monsters, on the other hand, are just extremely loud. Theirs is more of war-cry fights, not physical fights (and thank goodness for that!). But still no, Gerald will not be able to survive with the Monsters.

What about Bunny’s Place then?  Well, I’ve tried before but Gerald isn’t happy being confined and Samantha and Misty have a history of fighting on the road when both were pregnant. That was one vicious fight.

They cannot stay in the Safehouse because Tabs will start balding out of stress, for sure. Tabs has finally accepted Riley only because Riley is such an easy-going and accommodating cat.

Gerald compulsive nonstop “talking” will drive Tabs crazy. It already drives us crazy. And that’s another reason why Bunny’s Place is not suitable. Gerald’s “talking” might drive Cow Mau up the wall too.

Thinking cap still on….






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