Adding more water to the cats’ meals

I am on an ongoing quest to add more water to the cats’ meals.

Each cat has a different plan because of their different dietary needs and preferences, and of course, their individual idiosyncrasies.

Riley is a total junkie and if she were given a choice, she would want to eat kibble. So for Riley, it’s from kibble to wet canned food. I already force feed Riley a raw breakfast daily. It’s strange because when Riley first came, she took to raw food instantly. So I don’t know how she decided she wants to eat kibble nowadays.

I’m not a disciplinarian when it comes to eating, especially when I have to ensure all 16 cats at least eat something every day. If they do not want to eat a particular food, I will offer them something else.

“Fed is best”.

I suppose my greatest achievement as it stands now is with the Monsters. I can already add up to 3/4 can of water to a can of wet food. They lap everything up, canned food and all the water!

I don’t even need soup now. Water works! I started with soup, but water works just fine now, which is even better.

This watery soupy meal is a snack for them. Their twice-daily staple is still raw food.

This current hot weather is probably going to last until at least April. Everyone, especially cats, need more hydration. But on a longer term, cats always need to drink more water because they do not have a natural thirst drive. Hopefully by increasing their water intake, it can delay the onset of kidney disease. No guarantees, of course. But more water doesn’t hurt.

I found this from the internet (I have converted the units to metric):

There is a general rule is: for every 4kg that your cat weighs, they should consume at least 150ml of water daily. Remember, this includes any water that they may consume in treats or canned food. This is a general rule.







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