More calico mother-daughter portraits

Akira is going to be of the same size as her mother anytime now!

If Samantha is a diluted calico, what is Akira then? A faded calico?


Are dilute calico cats rare?

Yes. Only one in every 1,000 cats is born a standard calico and dilute calico cats are even harder to come by.

One of the reasons for this is that the dilution gene is what’s known as a recessive gene. That means that a more dominant gene can mask it and a kitten would need to inherit the dilution gene from both parents to be born a dilute calico.

Because the dilution gene is recessive and can be overridden by a dominant gene, it’s also very hard to specifically breed dilute calico cats so, consider yourself very lucky indeed if you become the pet parent to one of these beauties.

Oh wow….I never knew this!

But it makes no difference, we love ’em all!






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