The unresolved issue in the porch

Creamy came at 5.30am this morning.

Misty was there too. Misty lives in our porch.

I didn’t have the heart to shoo Creamy away, so I fed him and he ate. Only raw food. I know he only comes for raw food. Maybe he doesn’t get that from his home.

Creamy licking his lips after eating two bowls of food.

Misty was too “serba salah” to eat. She was just darting to and fro, undecided what to do.

Creamy ate two helpings and went off, hopefully back home.

Gerald was nowhere to be seen. I know he would eventually come back later with Misty.

True enough, Gerald turned up at 8am.

This time he ate wet food. But Misty ate more than him. Maybe Gerald is also eating at another home? I’ll never know unless I put a GPS tracker on him. But I cannot risk a cat getting their collar entangled somewhere just because I want to conduct an experiment. It is not worth the risk.

So it makes me truly appreciate the hard work that street feeders have to do. It’s really so much harder to look after CNRM outdoor cats than indoor ones. For the latter, you can monitor everything, from food to health condition and their safety. But for the outdoor ones, you will never really know what they are subjected to, what they actually eat elsewhere or what happened to them. That makes it so much harder. That is why our help is prioritised for street feeders.

Our cats were all CNRM cats in our old neighbourhood where it was safer (than this present neighbourhood). After we moved here, we realised how intolerant the neighbourhood was, so it was safer to keep as many cats as we could indoors.

Gerald and Misty would be so happy living in our porch if there was none of the Creamy-threat.

But such is the outdoor life. It isn’t perfect.

Well, for that matter, which life is?






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  1. Resident of the old neighbourhood

    The old neighbourhood is also intolerant, I only knew after being in their whatsapp group which is a platform for them to perform their multiple times daily tantrums about everything under the sun.

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