Cow Mau’s first subcut – a success!

I had no choice but to try and do Cow Mau’s subcut all by myself this evening.

I didn’t know what to expect, but Cow Mau was so good. His very first subcut and it went without a hitch. We did 60ml, as the vet had advised. Because of his heart condition, the vet says we can only do 50ml-70ml. So she said to do 60ml.

I did the subcut at about 5.30pm and so far, Cow Mau seems fine.

Indy was on the table to give Cow Mau moral support. That’s some unfinished food in the plate.

Cow Mau has been eating all kinds of food since we came back from the vet’s visit. That’s a good sign!

But of course he’s still pawing, only much less now, which is indeed a relief for me. It pains me so much to see him in pain. I’m glad the pain management regimen seems to be working, at least for today.

Cow doesn’t like the Aixia food. I don’t know why, though – it looks perfect to me because it’s so liquid. He prefers Cindy’s pureed food. And he also wants the canned food, but the flakes are not good for his mouth pain so I have to break up the flakes as much as possible with a spoon.

Tomorrow will be another day.







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