Cow Mau bounces back!!

By evening yesterday, Cow Mau was clearly feeling much, much better.

After dinner, he was very alert and spent many hours in the living room with us.

This morning, he was waiting eagerly for breakfast too and guess how many helpings of food he ate?


This is a can of tuna and sardines from B2N. The flakes are much smaller and softer, so I think it would be gentler on his mouth.

He still paws, but it’s definitely not as bad as before. In fact, it has improved by leaps and bounds after only one day. I think it must be the combination of the three injections (Vetacortyl, Ketamine and Convenia). The vet said the acupuncture takes longer to see results. Maybe it’s also the transdermal Tramadol and Gabapentin being given twice daily now.

After finishing that one can, he wanted more food. So he’s his second helping of Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s.

And later, he wanted still more food, so here’s another helping for Cow Mau!!

Since he is a heart patient, I have to be very careful with his subcut. I’m doing it 2 hours earlier each day to push it back to a morning session. Yesterday’s was at about 5.30pm. Today’s was at 3.30pm. His hydration is also much better than yesterday.

It’s amazing how fast Cow Mau bounced back, considering his age too!

Well, Cow Mau has an AMAZING vet!!







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