Gerald’s noisy (and loud) victory march!

Gerald was a really happy cat this morning.

Was it because Creamy did not come?

Or did he win in some fight with Creamy in the back road?  We will never know.

But he was SO happy, he came to eat, and then he paraded all along the ledge, went upstairs on the roof as well and made SO much noise.

It was clearly a happy little victory march!

As always, when Gerald comes to the ledge at Bunny’s Place, the Blondies will get all excited.

It’s their father!!

So there went breakfast – nobody wanted to eat. They were all too excited because Gerald’s noisy victory march.

It was only much later that I managed to get Indra, Akira and Samantha to eat. Kai was still too busy doing her own sniffing around.

Samantha would stay on his shelf and adopt the queenly, “If you want me to eat, you come here and serve me, don’t expect me to come to you.” 

Whatever I miss out on my morning walks, I make it up by walking to and fro feeding them and refilling with bowls.

Kai was just too busy to eat.

Later, all four of them asked for kibble. Oh well…yes, I gave them two big bowls.

Later in the morning, Gerald came back again for snacks. Misty joined him.

What a happy day for Gerald!

All tired out!!






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