Gerald and Misty, peace in the porch and other stories

This morning, Gerald also did another victory march!

A noisy one too.

Well, ginger males are known to be very vocal and Gerald is particularly vocal!

Happiness is when Creamy does not come.

Even Misty is relieved because she wouldn’t have to look for Gerald or become an intermediary.

I’ve tried bringing them into the house, but they are not comfortable at all.

“Where they are born is where they belong” and where they are happiest. We just have to hope other humans won’t complain about them.

Inside the house, Riley hopes she can be an outdoor cat too. She hasn’t given up hope of being one. But being responsible for two outdoor CNRM-cats in this unfriendly neighbourhood is as much as I can handle. In fact, if I had space, I’d gladly create another zone for Gerald and Misty, but I simply don’t have anymore space in the house.


Samantha has proven me wrong. She’s so settled inside the house and has shown no interest in escaping at all. And best of all, she still “looks after” the Blondies. There is the affection and attention that she gives them.

Some mother-cats completely dissociate with their offspring from 4 months onwards. Samantha, on the other hand, didn’t quite look after them from birth and that’s how I ended up hand-feeding all of them, especially the runt of the litter, Indra, who is now the biggest in size! It took months before the maternal instinct kicked in.

Now, they are a very happy family.






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