The huge Kai-Rey fight

Ginger vomited hairball this morning and all his breakfast and supplements came out with it.

It’s been quite long that I have not allowed Ginger and the Monsters to go over to Bunny’s Place. The medicinal “Heidi” grass is also all gone now, and I suspect it is because of the urine sprays onto the grass. Previously, I would let them go over to eat the grass. It helps with hairball elimination.

Also, there had been fights between the occupants of both catios and I have not had time to monitor closely enough to prevent these fights.

But I’ve been getting up earlier these days to ensure I have enough time in the morning to give Cow Mau a more solid breakfast now that his mouth pain has reduced so much.

After settling everything, there was time on my hands, so I decided to let Ginger and the Monsters go over. Cow Mau was taking a nap in his tray in the cage, so that’s safe.

It was a peaceful visit and lasted quite long, until I decided it was time to everyone to go back.

“Everyone” went back, or so I thought, but actually Rey was hiding somewhere and I did not do a head count.

Rey was probably hatching a plan to stay as long as he can. For reasons unknown and unfathomable to me, Rey wants to stay in Bunny’s Place. Remember before we sealed off Stargate2, Rey would make that big jump over the gate every day to cross over to Bunny’s Place? He did it so effortlessly. But we worry that over time, it would take a toll on his joints.

So Rey remained until I noticed him sneaking around, so I came to shoo him back.

That’s when the problem started.

Rey refused to go back and just scuttled to and fro the length of the back garden. Kai was also there and I think she was trying to help.

With both cats running back and forth, they inevitably bumped into each other and locked-body scuffled ensued.

I had to use the water hose to break up the fight.

It’s all Kai’s fur. None of Rey’s.

This kind of excessive shedding of telogen hairs is a natural defense mechanism in furry animals. The purpose is so that in case they are bitten, the predator will bite the fur and the prey can escape. Clever? It’s a natural mechanism.

I more or less knew nobody would have got injured in this scuffle, so after I broke it up, Kai ran back to the room (she was very frightened, and it must be her very first “fight” in her entire life) and Rey went back to Ginger’s Catio.

Kai went to hide behind the door. That’s been a lightning shelter for Cow, Cleo, Tabs and other cats. It took awhile before she was brave enough to come out. Poor thing. Her very first fight with another cat. Actually, her very first fight. Period.

Looks like Cow and Indy have retired now, as the custodians and protectors of Bunny’s Place. Kai is the new guardian. She will be the new queen.

Because Kai and Indra are ginger-coloured, I still often think of them as males…haha. 70% of ginger cats are males.

Here’s Rey, the innocent-faced sneaky one.

One wonders what goes on in that brain….what will Rey do next to infiltrate into Bunny’s Place?






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