Jayden and Cow Mau

Jayden definitely has a natural affinity towards animals.

I do wonder whether he is born with it or he learnt it….

But it’s a good thing, of course!

The youngest and the oldest! Cow Mau will be 18 years old in May and that would be equivalent to about 88 years old in a human.

The brownish patches on Cow Mau is because it’s quite impossible to brush those parts of his fur without getting bitten, so I’m already doing the best I can. It’s probably coloured a bit by the soil because Cow Mau likes to earth himself.

But as you can see now, his paws are so much cleaner than before when he had brown-blackish eye discharge and he was always pawing his mouth. I had to clean his paws with water twice a day at the risk of being bitten.







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