Whoopee! Cow Mau has NO proteinuria!

Believe it or not, I managed to collect Cow Mau’s urine today.

I happened to see him urinating so I took a chance and walked towards him with a bottle. Luckily he didn’t mind it and I managed to fill up half the bottle with urine.

I’m relieved that the colour looked “okay enough” and that it’s not colourless.

But colour alone is insufficient, so I drove all the way to the vet’s to get it tested. The vet was initially worried about proteinuria since Cow Mau had lost a lot of weight when I took him to the vet’s last Wednesday.

The vet was busy, so I came home to wait for the results.

Finally, the vet texted!

There is NO proteinuria! Yay! That means Cow Mau is not losing protein through his kidneys.

However, the urine specific gravity is 1.014, which is low. A healthy cat’s reading should be from 1.035 upwards. I think this means Cow Mau has kidney issues, which isn’t exactly surprising. But at least there is no proteinuria, which is great!

I’ll wait for the acupuncture appointment to discuss further with the vet.

I also weighed Cow Mau again first thing this morning, on an empty stomach. His weight was 4.0kg. I think we can trust this weight. So he has gained back the lost weight. From 3.55kg to about 4kg (on an empty stomach).

For his age, that’s really quite good already!







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