Managing Cow Mau’s gingivostomatitis

It looks like the ketamine injection was too low a dose to make a difference today.

Cow Mau came home, ate some lunch (there was some improvement) but by dinner time, it was back to square one again.

He gets very angry with the pain, and that makes him very difficult to manage. And when Cow Mau is angry, he bites and we all know how deadly his bite is.

I’ve cared for quite a few of our cats who were at the end stage of their disease. None was as fierce as Cow Mau is now.

I remember Pole rejected food and I did keep trying, but she didn’t get angry, she just spat out the food.

So this evening, I had to do battle with Cow Mau in order to feed him.

The difference here is that Cow still has a good appetite and he WANTS to eat. So I feel I have to do whatever it takes to help him so that he can eat.

Cold food did not work this evening, so I ended up mashing the food with water to make it diluted (which he refuses to lick up now even though he did last week and loved it…sigh). Then I syringed the food into his mouth. It took a long time as each mouthful was painful for him.

Since the mouth pain became bad last week, I have allocated more time now, to feed Cow. I get up earlier in the mornings too.

I really, really hope the laser treatment will work. Our vet says she contacted the vet who does it and that vet says it’s very helpful in such cases.







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